Inventory Sharing Interface

‘Inventory-Sharing’ is formal collaboration of a manufacturer and its franchised wholesaler-distributors. Separate collections of inventory are virtually combined, increasing channel efficiency. Demand by one party is fulfilled by available inventory owned by another party. Inventory-sharing is more than dumping dead inventory or living off others’ inventory investment - it is true synergy between peer wholesaler-distributors. For many independent wholesaler distributors, inventory-sharing can be a game-changer.

Inventory-sharing benefits manufacturers, wholesaler-distributors and end-customers.


Benefits for Jusere:

1. Improved brand reputation because of better product availability throughout the distribution channel.

2. Reduction in unwanted inventory in the distribution channel, reducing the pressure to take it back and improving the financial health of the distribution channel.

Benefits for you:

1.Fewer lost orders and back orders, increasing revenue and decreasing open order management time and costs.

2.Outlet for slow moving inventory for improved asset recovery and financial health.

3.Opportunity for incremental revenue from sales to like-franchised distributors.

Benefits for customers:


Improved product availability from a local source, reducing PO fulfillment delays and open PO management costs.

Jusere holds an inventory of nearly 10,000 products which can help our customer shorten the lead time and provide better customer experience. Our API allows qualified customers to sync with our inventory data. With this, your customer could easily know the inventory of a certain dress, which gives them more options online.

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