Custom Price

In our introduction of Digital Look book Support, we mentioned that we could offer a digital lookbook online or in PDF format. As for the price of our products, you could define the price based on your gross profit rate. Since your price is determined by your account level and credit level, there will be a big price gap if you are an advanced customer.

Here is how you could do it:

1. Click My Temp Accounts in the drop-menu of Account&lists. The Temp Accounts aim to help you introduce our products to your customers.

2. Click Add Account on the right corner of the page.

3. Fill in the Start time, Expire time and remarks of this temp account.

4. Tell your customer the Account Name and Password.  

By creating a temp account, your customers can view the pictures and original prices of our products through this temp account, but they cannot place orders on it. And every temp account has an expire time, please make sure your customers use these accounts before that time.


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