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With the blogger phenomenon booming and the explosion of fashion styles shared on social networks, digital lookbook has become one of the most used terms on the Internet. It is a means of sharing new ideas in how best to put together an outfit and of exploring the very latest looks in fashion. It is also a way of discovering new talents, a way for profiting on your own professional skills, or even a way of running a successful business online.The better the photograph on a technical level, the clearer the look you project with it. Blogs or online communities make the perfect window to show off your design or style skills, but if you wish to take a more professional route you really need to compile your work in a single portfolio. A portfolio features all your best photographs in one spot and you can choose to show your work both online and offline (in digital format on a tablet, or in traditional printed book form). Clients or followers can download your portfolio at the touch of a button, or consult it whenever necessary.

Jusere online platforms enables you to compile and upload all the fashion photographs that you wish, placing them on pre-prepared professional templates and printing them in the form of a printed photo book and/or as a digital lookbook online or in PDF format.

Here is how you can do it:

In order to quickly find the most appropriate dresses for your customers, you could create different lists to better organize your favorite lists:

1. Click Favorite on the right sidebar.

2. Click Create a List to add a new list.
3. When click the Favorite button on the product detail page, choose the list it belongs to.

After finishing grouping your favorite products, you could tell us which group of favorite list you’d like to make a digital lookbook, then we can make the PDF format for you. 

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