Official Refurbishment Service

The leasing of wedding or evening dresses often results in a high rate of product ‘wear and tear’. No matter how well the dress has been kept, time can often take its toll and accidents can happen at any time, it may possibly be in less than perfect condition. If that is the case, rental shop owners only have 2 options: one is to refurbish, the other one is to reorder. Considering the high cost of wedding and evening dresses, most people like to choose the first way. However, it’s often hard for the local tailors to repair the damaged dresses due to the complexity of their fabrics and craftsmanship.   

By using our first class repair service, Jusere can assure you that any damage caused to your dresses (no matter how large or how small) will be professionally assessed and we’ll do everything possible to restore it back to it’s original condition as you bought from Jusere. Jusere offers refurbishment service from a basic repair such as some simple re-beading or a broken zip to more complex repairs such as major restoration work. Contact your sales to discuss your requirements and options in more detail. As for the cost, rental shop owners need to pay for the fee related to shipping and refurbishment cost.


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