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Fashion and technology often have a lot in common. Like fashion, technology always seems to be changing, always evolving. Like fashion, early technology adopters embrace cutting-edge trends while others take a little longer to adjust to the new possibilities. When fashion and technology come together, as they increasingly do nowadays, truly interesting, innovative change can take flight. The marriage of fashion and technology brings us innovations like 3D-printed clothing—some almost space-age in them construction and pattern, some seamless, woven, and cloth-like, some works of art strutted down the runways of haute couture.

After 12 years of technological advances, Jusere has set a high bar for quality. Product cycle time has been reduced to 30 days on average. And most importantly, we use some advanced sewing strategies to make our dresses more durable. Here are some examples of the techniques we use:

1. Our thread choices will greatly determine how long the stitch will last, as well as its grip on the fabric. It is also crucial to pick the right type of thread for the fabric if we want the hems to look as seamless as possible. We choose nylon fishing cord and cotton thread in our sewing And we use double twine to make it strong.

2. In order to make sure our dresses are tight enough, we set the standard that our dresses need 12 stitches per inch at least. In that way, we make sure the stitches are tight enough to wear and tear.

3. A seam finish is a treatment that secures and neatens the raw edges of a plain seam to prevent raveling, by sewing over the raw edges or enclosing them in some sort of binding. Take bound seam as an example, a bound seam has each of the raw edges of its seam allowances enclosed in a strip of fabric, lace or net 'binding' that has been folded in half lengthwise. Bound seams are often used on lightweight fabrics including silk and chiffon and on unlined garments to produce a neat finish.

Jusere is still on the way to improve its technologies to provide you with more beautiful also more durable dresses. 

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