New Products Update

New products are important to sustain growth, increase revenues and profits, and replace obsolete items. There is tremendous pressure on fashion industry to innovate more, and do it quickly. The wedding and evening dress industry includes many companies from the spinning to the distribution which are involved from the transformation of the fibre until the final dress. Consequently, the creation of a dress requires a quite long and complex process with many manufacturing steps.

Comparing with other wedding and evening dress companies, Jusere has reduced the design cycle from 3 months to only one month after 12 years of technological advances and data analysis. We can now offer valuable insights into business trends and opportunities, giving our clients a valuable competitive advantage. We separated our products from entry to high-end market, from standard to customization market to help our customers find the right products for business.

We guarantee you:

- 300 New Styles Launch per Quarter

- Over 10,000 Dresses in Stock

- 5,000sq Meters Showroom for you to choose from

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