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Enter the 21st century and customers are now wanting unique, custom and personalized items. Customers who interact with products, designing them and personalizing them online, are far more likely to purchase them. Give consumers exactly what they want, when they want it and they’re more likely to stick with your brand. That’s why we provide this kind of service-to provide well-rounded services to your customized needs.

With our customization service, you could either make modification based on our products or order from picture.

If you want to make modification based on JUSERE products:

- Choose the product you like and enter the detailed product page.

- Click Make modification based on this product to tell us your requirements.

- Choose the right Size and your favorite Color

- Choose the quantity you need. (If you need a large quantity of some dresses, please file your information on My Enquiry in the drop-menu of Account&lists.)

- Add details in the box to give us a description.

- Choose your preferred Attributes.

- Click Submit and Enquiry box.

- Click My Enquiry from Account&lists to trace your enquiry status.

If you want to order from picture, please click here.

As for the lead time of customized goods, here is a reference of the time you might need.

Customization goods always take more time to confirm the details, so make sure you spare 3-10 days to communicate with your sales. Then we enter the production phase, which is divided into 5 phases, and customers need to confirm at each stage. As long as it is confirmed, it cannot be changed afterwards.  

Phase 1: Place order and prepare materials.(6-7 days)

Phase 2: Construct gray clothes and construction.(17-24 days)

Phase 3: Make paper pattern and alter silhouette.(11-20 days)

Phase 4: Apply embellishment.(10-19 days)

Phase 5: Final alteration and inspection.(7-15 days)

The whole production phrase takes 51-85 days, so please order 3 months in advance. 

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