Track Order

After you place order, you can track status of your orders.

To track your orders, you could:

1. Go to the order management page by clicking My Orders on the homepage. 

2. You can also view and manage all My Orders in the drop-down menu of Account&lists.

3. You could check the orders sort by order date, estimated ship date, order status, payment status and shipping status.

4. Input SKU or order number if you want to search for a certain order. Or click Advanced Search to choose detailed information from the drop-down menu of order date, order status, payment status, shipping status and claim status.

Ten Order Status:

- In Quoting: your quotation has been filed to Jusere

- Quoted: your quotion is replied

- Waiting for Confirmation: customers service offers you the invoice.

- Confirmed: you agree to the invoice

- Processing: your goods are producing

- Complete Production: your goods are ready to ship out

- Partial Accepted: your goods have been shipped out

- Accepted: your goods have been accepted

- Reviewed: you give a comment about this transaction

- Cancel(You could cancel your order before processing): this order is canceled.

5. Find the order and click Order Detail to see the details of a certain order. You could review remarks of the order, cancel items or orders or reorder from your order history

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