Improve Recommendations

You can improve your recommendations by providing feedback on purchased items. You can also stop certain purchases from influencing your recommendations.

To know how to improve your recommendations, you need to know what kinds of actions will influence that:

1. Homepage:

- Top Seller: Here we list the best seller on our website, thus you can know the trend of wedding&evening dress market.

2. Purchase Center:

- Search Bar: Everytime you search for some products, our server will record that to analyze your needs.  

- New Arrival & Special Discount: In these two sections, we recommend our new products and some special offers according to your business, including where do you come from, what is your business type. So make sure you fill in the right information when you sign in.

- Special Recommendation:This is the section where your customer service recommend products according to your preference.

3. Detail of Products:

- Dislike&Favorite: when you click the Dislike or Favorite button under a certain product, we will know your likes and dislikes, so if you find something you really like, remember to add it into your Favorite List, then we will recommend similar items to you.

- Add to cart: when you add a certain item into your shopping cart, we will recommend items that customer who viewed this item also viewed.

4. My Orders:

- Place Order: when you place order from your shopping cart, we will recommend items that customer who viewed this item also bought.

- Review: always remember to leave a feedback on the products you bought, that is an important clue to help us recommend the correct products for you.

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