Fraudulent Messages

something you could do to protect yourself from fraudulent messages.

While it's difficult to prevent all malicious messaging from coming your way, there are some tips you should remember when reading and responding to messages you receive:

    - Don't share your personal information, such as government issued ID numbers, birthdate, credit card or bank account numbers with people you don't know.

    - Don't enter usernames, passwords, or other personal information by clicking on links from emails. It's best to go to the website directly by typing it into your browser. You'll also want to make sure you're only entering this type of information during secure browsing sessions. 

    - Use caution when clicking on links contained within messages. Malware can infiltrate your system if you click on a bad link. If you're suspicious, move your cursor over any link (without clicking on it) to verify that it's directing you to the real website. 

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