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In order to help you communicate with us more conveniently, we put some important messages in this area. Here is where you can find the record of your emails with our sales.

To check the record of your messages with Jusere:

1. Go to My Message in the drop-menu of Account&lists. Or click the mailbox icon on the right corner of homepage. 


2. You can see three columns on this page: 

    the left column: click Inbox if you want to see the reply of our sales or mails from our system; click Sent if you want to see what messages you have sent to your sales.  

    the middle column: choose the email you want to check, if there is too many e-mails, you could search through keywords in the searching bar. 


    the right column: here you could see the details of the email you choose. 

3. To quickly send us an email, please click Compose New Message on the right corner. 


Want to know more about My Message, please click here

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