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On the homepage, you could also find more details of your account: including your account type, account level, credit level, account, payment, terms, global top seller, orders, unshipped products, purchased rank and top seller.

1. Account type: this shows your business type, we divide our customers into several types: retailer, wedding rental shop, designer, photographer/ wedding studio, consultant/ wedding planner, eCommerce, agent, dealer or customer,etc.

2. Account levelthis shows your commercial actions on Jusere.

3. Credit level: this shows your credit condition on Jusere.

4. Account: You can see the details of your Balance and Deposit. 

    - Balance: the amount of money in your account which can be used when you make transactions with us.

    - Deposit: the amount of money to be deposited,which in some cases can be withdrawn by us.

5. Payment: You can see the number of orders which are waiting for your payment, which are partially paid, which are already paid and waiting for checking. 

6. Terms: You can know details about your payment term, trade term and preferred carrier.

7. Global top seller: here is where you can know which dress sells best on our website. 

8. My orders: You can know your order status, quotation status and your claims. 

- Order status:You can see the number of orders which are unplaced, which are processing, which are already completed.

- Quotation Status:You can see the number of quotations which are processing, which are already answered. Also you could click +NEW to add new enquiry.

- Claims: You can see the number of orders which are open for your claim, which are closed, and which are cancelled.Also you could click +NEW to add new claim.

9. Unshipped products: You can know how many orders, how many products, and how many SKUs are unshipped.

10. Purchased rank: which shows the details of the  ordered dresses, like SKU number and the quantities.

11. Top Seller: Here you can clearly know which dress is mostly-liked, which can help you catch the trend.

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